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10CRIC Loyalty Club Tiers: From Bronze to Diamond

10CRIC is always committed to providing you with more, and now we’ve made it even better! Welcome to the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, where you’ll receive fantastic rewards simply for playing your favorite casino games or betting on the world’s best sports action.

How does it work, you wonder? Well, with every spin or bet you make, you’ll earn a certain amount of points. Your accumulated points determine your membership level in the Loyalty Club. We offer five fantastic Loyalty Levels, each with its own set of exclusive rewards and benefits.

The more you play or bet, the more points you’ll accumulate, and the bigger your rewards will become. Use our calculator to estimate how many points you can earn with a single spin or bet. Once you’ve amassed enough points, you can exchange them for incredible rewards available in our marketplace. Furthermore, each Loyalty Level offers mystery boxes filled with great surprises, and as you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock even more spectacular rewards.

It’s important to note that to maintain your current level, you need to keep playing. So let’s get started and play for your chance to reap these fantastic rewards!

How do I earn points?
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Bet now and explore our amazing Loyalty Program!

10CRIC Loyalty Club

We are thrilled to introduce our highly rewarding program, the 10CRIC Loyalty Club. This program has been designed to show our appreciation to our dedicated players. Once you become a part of the 10CRIC family, rewards will keep coming your way. Join now and start earning and redeeming reward points. The more points you earn, the more free spins and free bets you’ll receive!

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The Essence Of 10CRIC Loyalty Club Reward Program

We’ve designed this program to be straightforward and effective. You earn Loyalty points based on your casino or sports and esports gameplay. You can use a dedicated Point Calculator to determine how many points you can earn with one spin or bet. As you start accumulating points, you can exchange them for various rewards, including free spins, free bets, or exclusive sports and casino bonuses from 10CRIC’s marketplace. The more you play, the more and bigger rewards you can enjoy.

Sports Betting Rewards: The More You Bet, The More You Earn

Depending on the amount you wager on sports betting events at 10CRIC, you will earn Points and move up or down a level every week. The more points you accumulate, the more FREE BETS you can acquire. Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive bonus offers, 24/7 support, and personal VIP hosts.

Casino Rewards: More Free Spins, Greater Chances Of Winning A Jackpot

Based on your casino and live casino gameplay at 10CRIC, you’ll earn Loyalty Points and move up or down a level every week. The more points you collect, the more FREE SPINS you’ll receive. You’ll also enjoy exclusive bonus offers, 24/7 support, personal VIP hosts, and some FREE casino games.

Main Benefits Of 10CRIC Loyalty Program

Depending on your deposit and wagering amounts, you will receive various rewards within the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, including:

  • Free Spins
  • Free Bets
  • Exclusive Sports Bonuses
  • Exclusive Casino Bonuses

What Are Loyalty Points and How Can I Earn Them?

Loyalty points are a common feature in online gambling Loyalty Programs. These points are accrued through real-money betting and spending on the site.

Different sportsbooks set their own exchange rates. For example, wagering ₹1 might earn you 1 loyalty point. In a typical Loyalty Program like the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, these points remain in your account for a specific duration, and you can use them to redeem various prizes. Alternatively, they can advance you through different Loyalty Program levels, much like experience points, with each level offering unique rewards.

The specifics of how loyalty points are earned can differ from one site to another, and the 10CRIC Loyalty Program has its own distinctive approach to earning them.

What Is a Loyalty Program?

A Loyalty Program is a system that rewards players in online casinos and sportsbooks for their loyalty to the site.

These programs have a long history, both offline and, more recently, in the online world. A Loyalty Program like the 10CRIC reward program keeps track of players’ betting activities. Each sports match bet is recorded, and rewards are granted accordingly.

In a program like the 10CRIC Loyalty Club Program, money wagered is usually converted into loyalty points, which are tracked on the site. These points allow you to progress through levels and win prizes, such as free bets, new bonuses, and even tangible rewards like smartphones and laptops.

The specific details may vary from site to site, but the fundamental principle of every Loyalty Program remains the same: it quantifies a player’s loyalty and rewards them accordingly.

The best part is that you don’t need to keep track of your points or wagers. The dedicated Loyalty Program page takes care of that for you. You only need to check it occasionally to see your progress and the rewards available.


10CRIC Loyalty Club is open to all registered members of the 10CRIC site. Once you join the site and start betting on sports or playing casino, you automatically earn 10CRIC Loyalty Points.

Once you start betting on sports or playing casino, you start collecting 10CRIC Loyalty Points. You can use the Points Calculator to check how many 10CRIC Loyalty Points a certain bet will get you.

As a member of the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, you are given 10CRIC Loyalty Points for every bet you place or casino game you play. You can exchange these points for rewards from the Marketplace. You can choose between various rewards of different types: Free Spins, Free Bets, Sports, and Casino Bonuses, which could result in real-money winnings.

Yes, you can earn 10CRIC Loyalty Points by playing all games available on the 10CRIC site.

Yes, each sports bet will give you points, regardless of league, event, or sport. To see how many points, you can earn from sports betting, you can use our specially designed Points Calculator.

You can type your stake in the Points Calculator above and see how many points each type of bet would give you.

Yes, you accumulate Loyalty Points while playing with bonus funds, however, Free Spins are excluded, meaning that you cannot accumulate Points when using Free Spins.

10CRIC Loyalty Points do not have an expiration date. Your earned Loyalty Points will not expire even if there is no further activity in your account after generating them.

10CRIC Loyalty Points are not redeemable or convertible into cash. You can use them only to get rewards from the Marketplace in the form of: Free Spins, Free Bets, Sports, and Casino Bonuses, which may result in real-money winnings.

Yes, there are. Before you purchase a reward, please read the T&Cs in the description of each reward to find out more about the details.

In our tiered loyalty club program, you enjoy different loyalty benefits depending on your level. Each level — or tier — is defined by a set variety of rewards and benefits, which increases in value as you progress. All players start from Bronze level. When you advance upward through the loyalty club, you will have access to better and more profitable rewards. The higher the level, the better the benefits, and you will be getting exclusive rewards that are not available to the majority of other customers. Get rewarded for every bet you place. When you bet more, you earn points faster. Start earning points by betting on your favorite teams or play the various games in our Casino section. You can use the Points Calculator to check how many 10CRIC Loyalty Points a certain bet will get you.

You can check the tier you are in – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, by clicking on the menu of your account -> Loyalty Club. There you can see your current level and track the progress needed for achieving the next level.

You start betting on sports or playing casino, you start collecting 10CRIC Loyalty Points. You move to the upper level by earning more Loyalty Points. You can see your current level and track the progress needed for achieving the next level in the Loyalty section of our site. In your current level, you will get lasting advantages to enjoy as long as you are within your level. Once you move to the next level, you will get exclusive gifts along with the new and more profitable rewards that are within your new level. You do not lose rewards from your previous levels.

Mystery boxes are rewards given upon the achievement of a new level. When you advance to the next loyalty level, you will be rewarded with a certain number of mystery boxes (the number of boxes for each level is visible on the Loyalty Club page). Once you receive them, you will know how many rewards you won, but you would not immediately see what the rewards are exactly. All mystery boxes contain, yes you guessed it right, a mystery reward – it could be bonuses, free spins, a merchandise item, a subscription, etc. Mystery boxes can’t be traded or exchanged for other rewards. To claim the prize from a Mystery box, you need to elect it to open, wait for the countdown to pass or open immediately for a point cost, and then collect each reward one at a time until you open all boxes.

You can win a Mystery Box by moving to an upper tier. For example, once you move from Bronze to Silver tier, a Mystery rewards will appear in your ‘Loyalty’ section. If you wish to see your reward, you need to select one and elect it to open. A countdown is starting, and you can choose to open a reward immediately for a point cost or you can wait for the assigned time to collect your prize. You can collect each reward one at a time until you open all boxes. And what is more, the rewards from old levels do not get lost!

No! The rewards from old levels remain in your account and you can use them whenever you wish.

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