Introduction to Andar Bahar Live Casino Game

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Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of Indian gambling with Andar Bahar, a game steeped in tradition and chance. Originating in Bengaluru, Karnataka, this game has transcended its roots to become a sensation in the online casinos of India. 

Andar Bahar is a game where luck dances with a dash of strategic intuition, played with a standard deck of 52 cards. 

The simplicity of the game lies in a 50/50 chance of winning, making it a riveting experience for players seeking the perfect blend of excitement and simplicity.


How To Play Andar Bahar


As you delve into the immersive world of Andar Bahar, the rules unfold in harmony with luck and educated guesswork. A single deck sets the stage for rapid-fire gameplay, where the odds of winning stand evenly at 50/50. 

The player’s choice between Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) sets the wheels in motion. The dealer deals cards alternately until a card matches the initial one, determining the winning pile. In the 21st century, Andar Bahar has gracefully transitioned into a beloved pastime in Indian online casinos.

Decoding Andar Bahar Rules

Navigating the realm of Andar Bahar involves understanding the rules that govern its ebb and flow:

  • A single 52-card deck forms the battleground.
  • Andar and Bahar emerge as the main bets.
  • Side bets on the rank or suit of the first card add an intriguing layer.
  • The “Middle Card” becomes the focal point, with bets placed on Andar or Bahar.
  • The dealer deals cards until a match with the Middle Card occurs, determining the winner.
  • Odd or even total cards after the Middle Card decide the fate of Andar and Bahar bets.

Game Terms

Andar Bahar’s charm lies in its simplicity, devoid of complex terminology. Players need only grasp two crucial terms:

  • Andar: The left betting spot, translating to “inside” in Hindi.
  • Bahar: The right betting spot, signifying “outside” in Hindi.

Payouts and Strategies

Placing Bets in Andar Bahar

Participating in the online rendition of Andar Bahar involves strategic betting, with minimum and maximum wager limits ranging from ₹10 to ₹10,000. The game prompts players to choose Andar or Bahar, offering a brief window to predict and place their wagers.

Exploring Additional Side Bets

In the online Andar Bahar realm, players may encounter enticing side bets, elevating the gaming experience. Betting against the dealer’s cut card and predicting lead card suits or numbers amplify the thrill. Clear on-screen instructions guide players through wagering limits and additional bet options.

Understanding Payouts

Payouts in Andar Bahar hinge on the precision of predicting the matching card’s location concerning the initial card. A match on the same side rewards players with a 90% payout, while a match on the opposite side yields a 100% payout, exemplifying the game’s dynamic payout structure.

Andar Bahar Side Bets

The Basic Bet

Before delving into side bets, acquaint yourself with the fundamental Andar Bahar bet:

Basic BetPayoutOdds in Percentage

Bet on Cards Dealt

Explore strategic side bets linked to the number of cards dealt:

Cards Dealt BetPayoutOdds in Percentage
1-5 Cards Dealtx3.523.81%
6-10 Cards Dealtx4.521.7%
11-15 Cards Dealtx5.516.9%
… and more  

Joker Card Bets

Engage in the unpredictability of the game with Joker Card bets:

Joker Card BetPayoutOdds in Percentage
Below 8x246.15%
Above 8x246.15%
… and more 

Best Online Casino for Andar Bahar

Trusted Casino to play Andar Bahar is 10CRIC Casino. With a diverse range of Andar Bahar variants, players can choose their preferred style and immerse themselves in the thrill of this traditional card game. 

10CRIC Casino prioritizes player security and fairness, employing state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard transactions and ensure the integrity of the gaming environment. 

The platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its responsive customer support team, ready to assist players at any time. Whether you’re a seasoned Andar Bahar player or a novice looking to explore the game, 10CRIC Casino offers a dynamic and entertaining platform that caters to all levels of expertise. Join the excitement at 10CRIC Casino for an unparalleled Andar Bahar adventure that combines tradition with innovation.


In conclusion, Andar Bahar beckons as a game that transcends boundaries, blending luck and strategy in perfect harmony. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the allure of Andar Bahar, coupled with the strategic nuances explored in this guide, promises an exhilarating gaming experience. Join the ranks of those who have embraced the simplicity and excitement of Andar Bahar, and let the cards unfold in your favor.

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Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian card game that has gained popularity in online casinos. It involves a standard deck of 52 cards, offering players a 50/50 chance of winning by choosing between “Andar” (inside) or “Bahar” (outside).

To play Andar Bahar, choose between Andar or Bahar, and the dealer deals cards alternately until a match occurs with the initial card, determining the winning pile. The game is characterized by its rapid-fire gameplay and simplicity.

The main bets in Andar Bahar are Andar (inside) and Bahar (outside). Players place their bets on either side, and the game’s outcome is decided based on the matching card.

Yes, players can explore side bets in Andar Bahar, such as bets on the rank or suit of the first card, cards dealt, and Joker Card bets, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

The basic Andar Bahar payouts include a x1.9 payout for Andar (51.5% odds) and a x2 payout for Bahar (48.5% odds), providing players with different wagering options.

Andar Bahar offers strategic side bets linked to the number of cards dealt, with varying payouts and odds based on the range of cards dealt, providing players with additional betting options.

Joker Card bets in Andar Bahar add unpredictability to the game. Players can bet on the value of the Joker Card, with different payouts and odds depending on whether the Joker Card is below 8, above 8, or equal to 8.

10CRIC Casino is recommended as a trusted platform for playing Andar Bahar. It offers a diverse range of Andar Bahar variants, prioritizes player security, and provides a responsive customer support team.

10CRIC Casino offers a diverse range of Andar Bahar variants, prioritizes player security with encryption, and ensures fairness in the gaming environment. The platform also boasts a responsive customer support team.

Andar Bahar appeals to players with its perfect blend of luck and strategy. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the game promises an exhilarating experience, and 10CRIC Casino provides a dynamic platform for players of all levels of expertise.

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